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Our Law Firm provides accurate advice and legal representation in immigration law to investors, individuals and families.

We advised our customers on the choice of visa, help them to successfully file their residency application and make the transition to their new Country as smooth as possible.

Our expertise encompasses all types of immigration and related tax matters, among these the elective residency permit, the substitute tax system (Italian flat tax), the residency by investment programme (Italian golden visa) and the newest pensioner residency program.

Our attorneys provide full advice and assistance in relation to the (dual) Italian citizenship application.


Family at a Beach

The Firm provides competent representation in your uncontested or contested divorce from start to finish. Our aim is to help you secure the best possible outcome for you and your children, either through negotiated agreement or in Court when necessary. We can evaluate your case to determine if you meet the requirements for the court to modify or pursue an existing order.  We will protect you against the violation of an existing court order. (For example, a party can be held in contempt for failure to pay child support). Our firm deals  with cross-border issues and can assist you in English, Spanish and Italian.


Reading Newspaper


Whether you are an Italian business exporting or importing your products and services, an overseas business or an individual with interests in Italy, we can offer you the legal and support you need to succeed. Our lawyers can provide you with information and support regarding the Italian environment, immigration, tax advice, real estate, intellectual property and data protection.

International Law Contracts

International contracts require specialist legal knowledge. To protect your interests and to achieve your company’s goals, our international contract expert will assist you in the negotiation and drafting of your international contracts.  


Dollar Bills

The Firm offers a full range of debt collection options for Italian debts across Italy. Our debt recovery services include: a prior assessment of the case and of the financial strength of the debtor, letter before action, mediation and/or issuing proceedings, and enforcement. We also assist individuals and companies in recovering their credits abroad.


Justice Scale

Disputes and claims may arise in any commercial transaction, in and a wide range of civil matters. By focusing on an alternative dispute resolution - negotiation and mediation -our experts will help you to reach the best  outcome for you and your business. When the dispute escalates to court litigation, our lawyers will represent you and pursue the most appropriate remedies.



We offer professional legal translation services in Italian, English, Spanish and French. Legalisation of documents and Apostille services are available upon request.

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